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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
fiji private island tour

Hey Fashionistas,

Day 5: Our last day

The phone woke us up before our alarm did. The tour company called us to let us know that our tour for today was canceled. They had to cancel due to bad weather and waves. At that moment I was frustrated because I was really looking forward to this tour because it was supposed to take us to some beautiful snorkeling sites.

Luckily, our hotel had a concierge that still had last-minute tours. The lady called a few tour companies some were already booked out, some were canceled due to the weather but we ended up finding a tour.

We got picked up and drove to the port. This time the boat and group were much smaller. Also, the boat ride to about 3 hours. We passed the island that we’ve visited yesterday. We stopped 50m or about 165feet away from the island and entered a smaller boat to access the island. The island was a private island that was available to only the group people. Just like yesterday, you could go snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Lunch was also included.

We just spend our time snorkeling. This island’s coral reefs were much more beautiful and colorful. After lunch one of the boat members showed us a place where we can see baby coral reef sharks. That was pretty cool.

In the afternoon we decided to take a walk to discover the pretty but tiny island. Afterward, we headed back to our hotel and ate Chinese food for dinner.

Resume: This island was more beautiful and less crowded. The coral reefs are so much nicer here. Although we had some ups and downs during this trip I would say Fiji you did me good. The trip to Australia also marked the last continent on this earth that we had to visit. When we got back to Los Angeles we realized that within one year we traveled to every livable continent. I hope that one day we can also visit Antarctica.

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