Wella Color Charm Paints Review

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Review Wella Color Charm PAINTS

Hey Fashionistas,

Not sure if you realized it but I colored my hair pink. As you all know I bleach my hair so it wasn’t difficult to change the color. I was recently gifted with all 15 shades from Wella Color Charm PAINTS. Of course, I had to try the pink shade.

The application is quite easy if you already have blonde or bleached hair. If you don't have light hair and you still want to try these colors you have to bleach your hair or at least lighten it up in order to see a great result.


All you have to do is choose a color you would like and apply to your dry hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes and just wash it off. That is super easy, isn't it? To be fair I do not color my own hair my husband does. If you ask yourself if he is a hairdresser, no he's not he majors in biology but he's very talented. So he helped me to color my hair pink.

I would say that my hair length would have needed two to three tubes, but unfortunately, I was only able to use one tube. The colors have a nice smell. They do not smell like chemicals and I think they're not really aggressive on the hair either. I have a very sensitive scalp and I did not get irritated.

You can also mix the shades to your liking because Wella Color Paints is available in white which gives you the opportunity to make lighter shades. You can also mix and match blue or green to create a unique color. I used the light pink and mixed it with white to get a pastel shade.

The paint itself is very thick so it does not drip on your clothes. The color will last up to 20 hair washes which I think is fantastic because I do not want to have pink hair forever. I think these colors are great for festivals or photo shoots or whenever you just want to switch up your hair color but do not want to commit fully to a color change. These pains are available at Sally's Beauty for about $6 per tube.

My favorite products for bleached or color treated hair:

As I mentioned earlier I bleach my hair and I have some products I would like to recommend to keep bleached hair looking great. Coloring your hair blonder is always more damaging to your hair. It took me awhile to find the right product to maintain my platinum hair color.

1. Nexxus Emergencee Reconstructive System Shampoo and Conditioner
I use the shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair. This hair treatment is supposed to reconstruct your brittle and damaged hair and I've tried them for the past year and I love them. They work great for me and overtime they repaired my bleached hair. Of course, these are not miracle workers but they can help to reconstruct brittle hair.

2. Nexxus Emergencee Reconstructive Treatment
This hair treatment comes in little tubes and I always use them after I bleached my hair. This yellowish gel is seriously amazing. When I first bought it I wasn't really sure if it's working. This reconstructive treatment really helps to hydrate and nourish freshly bleached hair. In case you also bleach your hair this is something I can strongly recommend and it works wonders at least for me.

3. Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Shampoo and Conditioner
I just finished my Bumble and Bumble color minded shampoo and the matching conditioner and I have to say these two are also great hair treatments. They hydrate the hair while maintaining the color. I saw a difference in my hair and I felt my hair became glossier and shine over time.

4. Bumble and Bumble BB Color Gloss Blue
This color gloss is a great way to add some shine to your hair and to enhance the color. Sometimes bleached hair tends to get a yellow shine so I use this color gloss in blue to get rid of the brassiness. The shiny hair is definitely noticeable after the first use.

Review Wella Color Charm PAINTS pink

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