Trip to Guatemala and Honduras

tips to Guatemala and Honduras

Hi Guys,

I finally found the time to tell you about my Guatemala Trip! My past few days were so busy - in general, the time between Black Friday and New Year is always the busiest if you work at a company that sells stuff. Just a quick note about myself I work as a Marketing Manager for a beauty school and as you could imagine over the holidays it is always the busiest.

Like every year we are going away for Thanksgiving and this year we decided to go to Guatemala City. The destination wasn’t planned but we were looking for something that is not too far away and a something we haven't been before.

We arrived early on Thursday morning and from the airport, we went to our hotel. The hotel called Grand Tikal Futura And it's located next to the shopping mall. The hotel was super nice very fancy but it was very affordable. On our first day, we decided to visit the zoo. We are both suckers for animal and nature.

How to style a sporty chic look

sporty chic outfit

Hi Fashionistas,

I guess you could consider this outfit as sporty chic. My husband got me this sweater. Every time he goes shopping by himself he always looks for items for me. Yes, he’s a keeper!  Lately, I am loving loose sporty sweaters and I have a thing for cropped sweaters.

Reebok Sole Fury Sneaker Review

Reebok sole fury

Hey guys,

I got my hands on some really comfy sneakers from Reebok. These are not out yet which makes it even more exciting to show them to you. 

Reebok’s sole fury are available in multiple colors. 

Everyone’s knows that sneakers look great with yoga pants and crop tops but styling it that way would have been too easy. My blog all about inspiration so, of course, I had to step it up.

Our 5-Year Wedding Anniversary

wedding shot inspiration

Hey Guys,

Today I am going to be more personal on my blog. I just celebrated my 5-year wedding anniversary…

...and I want to tell you how I got there.

Born and raised in Germany - I did a semester abroad in Los Angeles in a marketing agency. I stayed in LA for about 6 months. When I first got here I didn’t know anyone but during my stay, I met Eric - my husband. A month later I moved in with him. After 6 months my internship ended and I had to go back to Germany to finish college.