Simple Outfit made stylish

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
gucci pink scarf

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday! I can't believe it but on Friday we are flying to London! Luggage is packed and we are to board. I don't like packing and typically we wait until the day before or the day of our departure. Not going to lie to you but this always is extremely stressful and annoying. I am already on the edge because I am not the biggest fan of traveling by air. I am not scared of flying but I believe we weren't made for being in the air. Plus, I once missed my flight and I a couple of times before our names were called because it was 5 minutes before the gate closed. This is not because we leave to late or don't go to the gate but most of the time our flight gets delayed and next thing you know we are trying to rush to get our connection.

How To Wear Streetwear Like A Grown-Up

Thursday, May 16, 2019
reebock kicks

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Friday Eve! This is our last weekend before we go on vacation! Next weekend we’ll be spending in London - hopefully with good weather or at least decent weather. I’ve been to London before a few years ago where Instagram wasn’t cool. So I didn’t hit all the IG hot spots but definitely planning on going to them this time around. My hubby has never been to it should be fun!

How to style velvet the right way

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
how to style a velvet blazer

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday! I am counting the days until my vacation! Our upcoming time out is much needed. I don’t mind some time off from social media but until then, I will post inspiring outfits.

I will also post my vacay pics on my blog and my travel recommendations. Also, who is watching the Bachelorette? Us! My Monday has finally meaning again and does not fully suck anymore.

Now let's chat about my look. A velvet blazer is the lux version to your regular blazer. A staple that should be in everyone’s closet. A velvet piece like a blazer or jacket is so versatile. You can style up a plain dress or pants and you're ready for a cocktail party, the theater or even a costume party.

How to style leather jogging pants

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
how to style leather pants

Hey Fashionistas,

We went to IKEA the past weekend and of course spend more money than Expected. Who can relate? We ended up getting some new decoration for spring and some new shelves. Our space is looking better by the minute. 

We are also getting ready for our big trip at the end of the months. We are excited but also not - if that makes sense. Not looking forward to a long flight but this trip will be fun once we are there.