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Friday, March 30, 2018
upbra review

Hey Fashionistas,

First things first I'm so glad the rainy days are over. I just looked at the weather forecast and it's going to be warm!! I'm so over the cold weather and I can't wait to finally hit the beach again. I'm also looking forward to wearing tank tops and shirts without a sweater.

I found the perfect bra for all things t-shirt related. I mentioned it before in a blog post that investing in a high-quality bra is very important because over time you will feel the difference.

It can be quite difficult to find the perfect bra that offers good support and makes your cleavage look nice. Let's be real who doesn't want a pretty looking cleavage when wearing our favorite dresses or shirts and UpBra is the perfect bra for this job.

When wearing a bra from UpBra you can adjust and lift your cleavage the way you want it. The quality is impeccable and the bra makes me feel good in my skin.

How does it work?

UpBra uses two straps hidden underneath the cup which can be adjusted to the amount of cleavage you would like. What is unique about this bra is that you can alternate the push effect without taking the bra off. The adjustable straps can be easily accessed from the “outside” but will be hidden once adjusted.

The bra itself feels very comfortable and innovative. This bra will give you the confidence and comfort you need when wearing a deep V cut or a strapless top. The t-shirt bras retail for about $79, the strapless bra for $89, the convertible bra for $82 and the UpBra swim tops for $84. You can shop them here.

I love that UpBra also offers women's swimwear because I feel like when wearing a swimsuit it's probably the most uncomfortable a woman can be.   

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