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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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An Oasis in Palm Springs

Hey Fashionistas,

We have been visiting Palm Springs multiple times in the past. At this point, I lost count, to be honest with you. So when my husband‘s birthday rolled around, we decided to visit Palm Springs, but we wanted to do something we haven’t done before. So I sat down and did my proper research. I came across a park that we haven’t seen before.

I’m talking about the Indian Canyon. Indian Canyon is an area in Palm Springs which offers multiple hiking trails and beautiful nature. The entrance fee is around nine dollars per person and no pets are allowed. 

We had two hikes planned for the day. One was a four-hour hike to Murray Canyon, and the other one was an hour hike to Andreas Canyon.

Palm Springs is located in the desert, and the landscape consists of cactus, the occasional palm tree, and a lot of rocks and sand. But this particular area has a river flowing through the park, which allows luscious green places full of palm trees. It’s like a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. 

We started the two-hour hike (one-way) to Murray Canyon. On our way, we stopped at the river to dip our feet in the cold refreshing water. The walk led through the desert into some magnificent viewing points. We’ve also seen a rattlesnake crossing our paths. This was the first time we saw a rattlesnake while hiking. 

We also discovered a waterfall that was hidden in the cave. You have to climb over slippery rocks to reach the small waterfall, but it was worth it. Inside the cave, we encounter a frog. We continued hiking to the end of the trail, which passed the river stream a few times.

Overall the hike is beautiful, and the elevation is not too bad, so I would say this hike is for all hiking skills.

After we returned, we decided to hike the one-hour Andreas Canyon hike. It’s a loop trail starting from the parking lot and ending in the same parking lot. Half of the hike is out in the open desert, where you can see cactuses and other native plants. The second part of the trail crosses the river stream and follows along the river, offering endless photo opportunities and picnic places. 

I think there’s much more to explore in the park, and we will definitely be back. Keep in mind the park has opening hours, so you have to leave the park by 5 PM.

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