How to style a floral romper

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
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Hey Fashionistas,

Happy April! The flowers are in full bloom and the first warm rays of sunshine make their way through the clouds. This weekend we visited the Rose Garden as you might be able to tell from looking at the pictures.

I love being at the rose garden not only is it free (love it) but there is a constant smell of roses in the air. In Los Angeles, this is the perfect escape for a picnic. The park is next to USC and during the weekend you will also find plenty of ice cream and hot dog vendors in this area.

We used the roses and the scenery to shot my new favorite spring it-piece. This cute floral romper from Bishop + Young is lightweight, chic and easy to wear. BTW you can save 30% on all purchases with NINA30. I love jumpsuits and rompers because with one clothing piece you are fully dressed - no need to mix and match. Sometimes I spent more than 20 minutes sorting through my clothes to find an outfit but every piece looks somehow ugly. Days like these are frustrating not only for me but also for my husband who thinks I am crazy.  

I also threw on my leather jacket from Bagatelle NYC for the cold breeze that still hits when the sun hides behind the clouds.

I love paring soft fabrics like silk with hard fabrics like leather. The combination of both materials create dimension within your outfit.  Bishop + Young is a contemporary clothing brand for the chic and modern woman. What I love most about this brand is that they are from Los Angeles. You should definitely check out their clothes and save 30% with code NINA30!

No Spring outfit is completed with a few accessories. A pair of round wooden sunglasses are a must to protect my eyes from the harmful UV rays and of course, I need a bag!  I got this stylish woven basket purse from Cancun last year. A lady at the beach was selling them and who could really resist a sweet old woman? I know I can’t.

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Floral Romper

how to style a leather jacket

Sprint it-piece

In collaboration with Bishop + Young

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