Must-do in Bogota, Colombia

Monday, May 2, 2022

One Day in Bogota, Colombia 

Hey Fashionistas,

It has been a while since we last talked, but it’s time to catch up on everything in the past few months. 

We just returned from our trip to South America that we took for my hubby’s birthday. Our first stop was Bogota, Colombia. We spend a day in the city, and I can say that a day is enough to see everything. 

bogota in one day

bogota in one day

We started our day early in the morning to have breakfast at “La Puerta Falsa,” which is located close to the Plaza Bolivar. 

La puerta falsa

This small restaurant offers breakfast and lunch items. We decided to get the chocolate with cheese - a must-have breakfast drink. You’re supposed to drink the chocolate by cutting the cheese into the hot chocolate. 

We also got a tamale and breakfast egg skillet. Colombian tamales are wrapped in banana leaves and consist of chickpeas and mashed rice. 

botera museum

We continued the day by visiting the Botero museum, which is free by the way. The artist Botero is known to “supersize” his paintings. He is also known for painting The Mona Lisa, so there is no need to go to Paris (sorry, Leonardo da Vinci). 

botero museum mona lisa

The museum also has paintings from Picasso and other well knows artists. 

Within walking distance is the Santuario Nuestra Señora del Carmen, a church that’s painted in red and white. 

Santuario Nuestra Señora del Carmen

After that, we visited the church San Fransisco which I do not recommend. It’s not worth seeing. I did not even take a photo. That's how not worth it, it is.

One of the attractions that is worth seeing is the Monserrat. You can either hike up the mountain or take the funicular. We decided to take the funicular since it’s much faster. I recommend coming early, so you are not stuck in a huge line of people. We arrived mid-day and were standing in line for some time. 

Monserrat bogota

plaza bolivar

The view on top of the mountain is great! You can see the entire city beneath it. 

There are a few typically things you have to try when visiting Bogota:  

Homnigas Ormigas:

Also known as big butted ants. If you are up for it, try them like we did. Let’s say these ants will not be my next favorite snack. 

Homnigas Ormigas


You’ve probably heard about arepas before. You can find them in restaurants or at street vendors. We ate arepas and another typical Colombian dish (Plato de baisa) at El Etranero. The Plato de baisa is not for me. It’s basically a meat plater with more meat. 


Now that's a street vendor snack that is absolutely delicious. Two wafers are filled with a choice of yummy spreads. We chose dulce de leche (sweet, almost caramel-like spread) and blackberry sauce. 



Another street vendor drink. Each vendor prepares them differently, but these teas are herbal teas with fruit. We had one at the Monserat, and our hotel also prepared these. 

Word of caution:

While Bogota has a few things to see and can be fun, I would strongly advise you to either get a guide or take a taxi to get around. 

Bogota is known for snatching purses or pickpocketing. The locals wear their backpacks in the front or hold on very tight to their handbags. 

La Candelaria has the most attractions and museums, but it’s one of the more dangerous areas, and I speak from experience. Don’t go out at night, don't walk on side streets, and stay away from empty streets. 

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