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Thursday, March 8, 2018
spring outfit inspiration

Hey Fashionistas,

I can't believe it's already March! What happened to the past 2 months and where did they go? Unfortunately it is still cold, nevertheless, I'm going to publish my first spring outfit on the blog!

Our weekend was quite uneventful we went hiking on Saturday afternoon after it stopped raining - gotta do something productive. I love that LA has so many great hiking trails to offer. We went for a quick hike/jogging session at the Kenneth Hahn Park in Culver City.

On Sunday I produced a bunch of content for my blog and Instagram with the help of my Insta-Husband Eric. We also started watching the show Handmaid's Tale, a friend of my recommended it and it is totally creepy but great! You should watch it if you are currently in a show-hole or just want to watch something new.  

I am obsessed with printed T-shirts. They are way more fun than just plain tees. I recently ordered a bunch of things from Nasty Gal (love that place) my order also included the Pulp Fiction shirt and the oversized striped boyfriend shirt. It’s funny how my style changed over time.

I used to love tight low rise jeans and tight sweater anything oversized I wouldn’t even touch. Over time this has changed. Now I wouldn't touch tight low rise jeans anymore and super tight shirts. I actually prefer loose fitting clothes and boyfriend cuts. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I am getting older and secretly want to hide any signs of muffin tops.

During Spring and Summer, I love to wear wedges because they are comfy and add a touch of lightness to my outfit. High-waisted jeans short are a stable in my closet and fit any outfit. I got this pair from H&M a long time ago.

The boyfriend shirt is made out of a super light material which makes it perfect for warmer days. I love to mix and match labels with non-labels because it elevated my outfit. I don’t spend much on clothes with the exception of denim, coats, and jackets but I do spend on shoes, accessories, and purses.

I hope you got inspired by my simple, casual outfit with a twist and are also looking forward to warmer days.

Thanks for stopping by!

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