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Thursday, March 1, 2018
work out clothes

Hey Fashionistas,

I hope this is the last week that’s cold. I’m so over rain and cold weather but it’s not an excuse to not work out.

Being active plays a big part in our lives. My husband plays soccer and we work out together multiple times a week. My favorite workout is HIIT (high-intensity interval training). We also recently bought an indoor bike and a workout bench for our arms. Occasionally we hit the golf course or the tennis court.

Last Saturday we went hiking in Whittier. I love hiking because your outside and you do something good for your body. Initially, we wanted to hike to a temple but we took the wrong trail and ended up completely somewhere else. In the end, it was still fun.

For me working out is not all about being skinny but being healthy. I have an office job and I work on my blog when I get home. So it’s important to get up and move after a long day sitting on the desk.

My number one tip to get motivated are stylish workout clothes. I recently got this set from Stronger an online shop that ships worldwide.

My mid-rise leggings fit great and the quality is amazing! I can move with them and they are quite thick so perfect for working out in colder temperatures. The bra is not padded but doesn’t worry nothing is seeable. Strong offers multiple prints and colors. You can mix and match prints.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Stronger work out clothes

Stronger work out clothes

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