How to style a long trench coat

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Long black coat with silk arms

Hey Fashionistas,

I am currently dealing with carpal tunnel in my left hand which makes it difficult to type.  I've been dealing with this issue for a long time already. Having an office job and blogging in my free time really take a strain on my hand. For the past few days I haven't used my left hand and I am slowly recovering. Have you ever dealt with it before?

I shouldn't complain about it because other parts of the world have way worse weather than we have but it's freezing! I really thought spring is starting soon but it looks more like Winter's coming back. We are currently sleeping with 4 blankets, socks and long pants hopefully this cold weather is over soon! Our cat also does not like cold weather at all. Every night she climbs into our bed and under the sheets.

Our weekend was quite uneventful. On Saturday we went out to lunch at our favorite Cuban spot called Gigi's Cafe. It's a hidden Cafe with amazing food! We also produced more content for my blog because that's what weekends are for! On Sunday we just stayed in all day watched Netflix and worked out. When it's cold outside I usually get unmotivated to work out but me and my husband, we're trying to push each other to get active.

At the moment it is way too cold for me to wear dresses to work therefore I need an outfit that looks stylish, polished and unique. I love to wear an all-black outfit with a pop of color. In my case, I decided to wear red high heels to add a dash of sexiness to this outfit. The ruffled shirt and my slacks keep it work appropriate.

The star of this outfit is my new long silk sleeves trench coat. J.ING LIMITED was so kind to send me this it-piece. The material is super thick so it's perfect for the colder days and the arms are made out of silk for some transparency. I love the combination of different materials because it makes a clothing piece more interesting.  

This trench coat also features two pockets and a belt that can adjust the coat to your liking. I'm a fan of small purses or clutches. For this outfit, I decided to pair my black clutch that my mom gave me a few years ago. It's big enough to hold my phone and keys but small enough to just tuck under my arm.

I can also imagine wearing this unique coat with a pair of shorts in summer or a chic dress. Versatile pieces like these are always a good idea to have!

Thanks for stopping by!  

red high heels

Long black coat with silk arms

How to wear a long coat

How to style a long coat

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long black coat

What to wear to work

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