How to customize your jeans jacket

Saturday, February 17, 2018
patched jeans jacket

Hey Fashionistas,

I found the perfect hair treatment for colored hair. Let me tell you it is difficult to maintain platinum blonde hair. Bleaching your hair is aggressive and makes it very dry. Especially during winter, my hair gets dry. One of the reasons hot showers and we all know hot showers are bad for hair and skin but I find it to be super relaxing.

I color my hair every 3 to 4 months depending on how annoyed I get from my dark roots. Honestly, I can’t even remember when I last saw my natural hair color. I always love to change my hair color.

I found a hair treatment that freshens up my platinum blonde hair without damaging it. It won’t color your hair and it only lasts for about 3 hair washes but it works. The product I tried is from Bumble and Bumble and I found it at Sephora, it's from the color gloss collection. I got the one for cool blonds.

The application is a bit messy and difficult but my loving husband is always a huge help. So he applied the product to my dry hair - it is way easier if you have help. After 5 minutes I washed it off and continued with regular shampoo and conditioner. The result looked great! My hair did not look brassy anymore and it really lifted my hair color. If you have color treated hair and you are looking for a not-so-harmful alternative give this treatment a try.

Lately, I am also into customizing things. I bought this jeans jacket awhile ago at Marshalls. It is a bit oversized and borderline tacky with the pink faux fur but I love it! This jacket was missing the extra spark, the extra uniqueness so I simply attached a few patches and pins. I found cute patches at They are super easy to attach. Just stick them onto the clothing piece and press hard.

I decided to go with the Boss Babe patch because aren’t we all boss babes? Those patches are affordable and cute!

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