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Friday, September 20, 2019

burj khalifa

Hey Fashionistas,

Our next stop is Dubai. The last time I’ve been here was probably 10 years ago. This time I am not staying for long. We decided to stay in Dubai for half a day before we return back to Germany. We are always traveling on the limit.

beach dubai

beaches in dubai

We arrived at around 6 AM and on our first stop was the beach considering the fact is was already 90 degrees! We called an Uber and drove to the Jumeirah beach. Unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy the ocean for much longer since lifeguards had to save someone and therefore closed down the beach.

what to see in dubai

dubai what to do

So we had to move to another beach. This one was a bit more remote and empty. I liked this beach so much better. The water was calm and crystal clear. In the meantime, the temperature rose so there we were at 7 AM in over 115 degrees heat in the ocean. It was way too hot to just lay at the beach so we spent a good amount just floating around in the water.

swiming in duabi

burj al arab beach


We eventually got hungry and drove to the Dubai Mall. This mall is a must-see when you are in Dubai. The biggest shopping mall in the world includes an ice rink and a huge fountain.

mini nutella pancakes

The restaurants in the mall are pretty expensive so we got lunch at McDonald’s - to be fair this is the last stop on our 3-week vacation so you could imagine our budget shrunk to almost nothing.

what to do in dubai

At the Dubai Mall, you can also view the fountain show (similar to the one at the Bellagio in Las Vegas) and you can go on top of the Burj Khalifa.

We had a few more things on our list but it was just too hot to walk around. We were tired from traveling and nearly broke. So we snapped a few pics and returned back to the airport.

With that being said we haven’t showered since the last time we jumped into the ocean to swim with sharks, then we took a dip in the Persian Gulf. I think we turned into beach bums. Salty churchy hair, tan lines, and sand everywhere.

A 7-hour flight later and we arrived back in Hamburg, Germany. My parents picked us up and we drove home. Let me tell you how glad I was to finally take a hot shower.

My resume for the trip:

The past 3 weeks were absolutely amazing. I never imagined to traveling Africa and to see all these beautiful things #trulyblessed. I can’t even tell you what my favorite part was since everything was so different. I loved the culture and history in Egypt. I was amazed by the animal encounter on our Safari trip in Tanzania and the city life in Cape Town.

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