Three different ways to tie a shirt

Thursday, September 26, 2019
casual outfit

Hey Fashionistas,

Can’t believe the year is almost over. Fall just started and I am not ready for it. I do like knitted sweaters tho but on the other side, I don’t like when it gets dark early. Luckily, I am living in SoCal so Summer is just a bit longer compared to other states.

My ootd is a cute two-piece that is perfect for colder “summer” days. It’s made out of linen that keeps you cool. I love that the pants are high waisted and loose-fitting - perfect for days that I don’t feel like wearing jeans. This cute two-piece is from Smash + Tess. I am wearing the stripe playset. The quality feels great and I love the pastel colors. You can check out this two-piece here.

Today I want to show you three different ways of wearing a shirt with high-waisted pants. The shirts that come with this outfit is a bit too large for my liking so I like to add a spin to the shirt. My favorite way to wear a long shirt is by tieing it up and since this trend is here to stay - you better step up your shirt game. 

Tied knot on the side:

how to style linen shirt

summer outfit

A tied knot is a playful way to wear your shirt. It complements a woman’s curve and adds a summer spin to your look. Hollywood Celebs are spotted all over the place wearing knotted shirts. I go with a regular knot but depending on your skillset you can also go with something more elaborate.

summer nights outfit

Tie a knot in the back:

different ways to style a shirt

This one here requires probably some help and if you have a longer shirt you can probably get a bit more creative. This option is great especially if you want to tighten up a loose shirt.

Knot rolled up in the back:

fall outfit for warmer days

This is my favorite way to tie up a shirt. All you have to do it tie your shirt and roll it up inside your shirt. This is a quick a stylish way if you are “tired of the usual knot”.
cute casual two piece

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