How to style a cropped sweater

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

summer look

Hi Fashionistas,

The temperatures are starting to cool down, and as we said hello to September, it began to feel a whole lot like fall. Wishful thinking! I love summer, after all, I was born during this wonderful season, but I can't deal with 95 degrees heat. Especially when you have to work all day, and you slowly start sticking to your office chair. Meanwhile, my Dyson fan is working on full force.  

Just when I was about to take out my knitted sweaters, boom, another heatwave! This weekend is going to be sizzling hot! I plan to go surfing this weekend, but the beach is usually super crowded with temperatures in the high 90s. 

Today's look is a mixture of summer and fall. I paired my cropped sweater with my mustard-colored skirt and added a belt, so the outfit looks more put together. 

I love the cut of this oversized cropped sweater. I am a sucker for anything oversized. Oversized sweaters, combined with tights or skinny jeans, always look effortless. 

The lower part of my outfit looks more like fall. I decided to wear my suede ankle boots with cuffed socks. This outfit can also be paired with tights and a coat over the sweater to make it more fall appropriate. 

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