What to do in Binz

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Hey Fashionistas,

It's day two on our Rügen Road Trip. Today's destination is Binz - but what to do in Binz. This city located on the Baltic Sea offers a hike through the forest to a Hunting Castle. From the parking place to the castle it's about a 40-minute walk.

Hike to the Jadgschloss in Granitz (Hunting Castle)

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jagdschloss granitz


The hunting castle is pink and looks super cute. On that day we weren't able to visit the castle from the inside because it was closed due to renovations. Regardless, it looked pretty from the outside.

jagdschloss granitz

forest hike

hunting castle

After we hiked back to the parking lot we drove closer to the city. This day was a much colder day so we bought hot Sea Buckthorn Juice which is loaded with Vitamin C not only keeping us warm but also load us up with vitamins.

jagdschliss binz

Walk on the Beach in Binz

From there we started our walk at the beach. We walked for hours at the beach, collecting shells and stones. If you are lucky you can even find Bernstein (Amber) on the beach here. Amber is a stone that was created over time from tree resins that became a stone by falling into water. We didn't find amber this time around.

seebad binz

On our way back to the car we stopped for a second hot Sea Buckthorn juice because we were so cold from walking for hours on the beach. 

what to do in binz

For this day, I decided to wear a pink sweater with my oversized jeans jacket. Black pants and black boots with faux fur kept me warm. It's a simple outfit but with a few accessories, I elevated the look. Accessories such as a belt with metal details, a faux fur, and a purse. 

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