How to wear leopard print

Monday, October 21, 2019
how to style leopard print

Hey Fashionistas,

Who knew that it only takes a 2-hour car drive from LA to feel like you are completely somewhere else? A few days ago we drove up to Lake Arrowhead, it was our first time there. I previously looked for spots that look fall-ish with yellow and orange leaves and preferably a forest. So I came across Lake Arrowhead.

The lake and scenery are beautiful, didn’t feel like Califonia, to be honest. The reason we drove all the way up is that I want to produce fall content and as you may know that’s not really that easy in Los Angeles where Palm trees are the number one “tree”. Since we were on a tight schedule we looked for a place to eat something quick and what better place is out there then good ‘ol McDonalds. In my life, I did eat at a lot of McD’s but this one had by far the best view ever! From the patio, you overlooked the lake ad the nearby forest. 

My outfit for this day trip was a mix of print and materials. One of my all-time favorite print is leopard. Yes, I dared to pair leopard print with a leather skirt. 

First off, leopard print should be treated as a neutral color in your outfit and can be combined with pretty much everything. This print is a true sign of a fashionista because there is a thin line between dangerous and tacky. Styling correctly you are one heck of a style icon.

With that being said, of course, there are multiple ways to wear this print. You can drop in subtle hints of leopard print in the form shoes or you can go all out and rock a leopard coat. The question is how to wear leopard print like a true fashionista?

As a beginner, you can start introducing this pattern to your looks in the form of a bag, shoes or shirt. Animal print works great with solid colors and denim. A leopard blouse can be turned from tacky to beautiful by simply wearing it with a boyfriend jeans or jeans shorts. Don’t forget to tuck in the blouse.

Leopard print can also be worn to the office if you don’t over-style your look. In my case I am wearing a knitted leopard sweater tucked into my leather skirt. I topped the look with a leopard coat which I am totally obsessed with. Sticking to darker tones and more earth-toned leopard printed items will make your look more sophisticated. Mixing leopard print might be something more for the advanced it-girl but you’ll never know if this also works for you if you don’t try. 

What I like to do with leopard print heavy outfits is to add an edgy item which helps to make the outfit look more laid back - in a good way. I am wearing my heeled combat boots. The thick heel helps to elevate your figure, especially when wearing a skirt or a dress. 

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