How to take great pictures with smoke bombs

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
how to take great pictures with smoke bombs

Happy Halloween! 

This was my first time carving a pumpkin and I thought it would be much easier! I went for a typical Mr. Pumpkin ghost face whereas my husband took the cuter approach and created Mrs. Pumpkin with lots of hearts.

Together our pumpkins are undeniable cute! It’s just very unfortunate that they don’t last very long, just a few days after carving them the bugs took over.

My initial idea was to take some smoking pumpkin pics. We had two smoke bombs left from last year's wedding photoshoot. One orange-colored smoke and one blue one. In case you looked at all the images before reading this part you’ll realize where the heck is the orange smoke?

The orange smoke bomb didn’t want to start, maybe it was too old so we had to go with my second option blue smoke. I wish the orange smoke would have worked but the blue came out pretty good.

We took the pumpkin on a little road trip to Lake Arrowhead. Just 20 minutes from the lake there are some beautiful hiking areas where we decided to take images. 

If are thinking of utilizing smoke bombs in your images, here are my 5 tips on how to take great pictures with smoke bombs:

1. Smoke bombs burn for about 15 - 20 seconds. That’s not very long and time goes by even faster if you are trying to do different poses. So before you burn them be clear on what you want to shot.

2. They will color your clothes. My sweater ended up with a big o blue stain right in the middle. I love this sweater so I was hoping I could wash it out. Unfortunately, it only semi-worked. If you look closely at the sweater you’ll still see a blue hue. 

Be sure not to hold the smoke too close to your outfit or were something that you don’t mind getting dirty.

3. Be familiar with your camera setting. We ended up using my iPhone to take these images because the phone takes faster images and you can just hold your thumb and create burst. Which in the end will make it easier for you to choose the winning image. Last year during our wedding shot we tried taking these images with a professional camera but the camera had difficulty focusing. So we ended up with a few unsharp and unusable images. 

Same goes when we tried taking images with the camera and a self shutter. The camera didn’t know what to focus on so the images didn’t look good. I recommend having a person that takes the images of you. 

4. Don’t be scared. I know it’s kinda scary to hold up a burning stick but as long you don’t touch the front you’ll be fine. The smoke bomb won’t explode or get hot. 

5. Pay attention to the wind. The wind plays an essential role in this picture. Make sure you know where the wind is coming from so you can position yourself correctly to get the best possible shot. 

Lastly, you can get these smoke bombs from Amazon. We ended up buying a 10 pack - as far as I remember. This will allow you a few trial shots.

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