How to style leather jogging pants

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
how to style leather pants

Hey Fashionistas,

We went to IKEA the past weekend and of course spend more money than Expected. Who can relate? We ended up getting some new decoration for spring and some new shelves. Our space is looking better by the minute. 

We are also getting ready for our big trip at the end of the months. We are excited but also not - if that makes sense. Not looking forward to a long flight but this trip will be fun once we are there.

I also want to mention that recently I haven’t been 100% available for my blog. The past two months stressed the hell out of me. First I was sick, then I sprained my finger and my workplace is also stressing me out.

But with re-decorating our space, me working out again I was able to find some sort of inner peace and chi. I am working on a bunch of new content. I have some new ideas that I want to implement. I thought about highlighting our past vacations and my favorite products.
For now, let’s talk about this look. I want to show you a quick way to looks sporty chic. There are days where I just want to be comfy but I don’t want to look like a slop. So instead of wearing tights or worn out jogging pants. I opt in for faux leather jogging pants. These pants just look a notch more stylish.  I decided to keep this outfit casual with a bit of sexiness. I paired a Nike Air Max crop top, which I recently found at an outlet center, to this look. You can pair a crop or a regular tee. If you wear a regular tee I recommended tucking it on the front this will ensure a polished yet casual appearance. 

Believe it or not but I am wearing an oversized leather jacket with my leather joggers. Daring right? I think the leather or how I would call it pleather outfit aka pleather monster look is pretty cool. Don’t be afraid to pair fabric like leather with each other. You should have a good understanding if it is too much or not. 

In order to keep it cool and casual, I slipped in a pair of black - you guessed it - leather converse. Since my joggers have 7/8 lengths there is some separation between the legs and the shoes which I prefer. 

Do you love faux leather?

Thanks for stopping by!

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