Day trip to Anza Borrego National Park

Friday, April 19, 2019
Anza Borrego National Park

Hey Fashionistas,

About three weeks ago we drove a to Anza Borrego National Park to see the beautiful wildflowers. This was our first time visiting this park. I feel like this spring is the first time here in California where I feel like it is really spring. Everywhere and everything is blooming. No matter where you go from gardens to National Parks.

Borrego National Park is about 3-hour drive from Los Angeles. After breakfast, we left and we made it there around noon. At the visitor center, you can get a map of where you can find the flower fields. Because we went a couple of weeks ago I can't promise you that the blooms are still there.

There are some areas that are covered in pink and yellow wildflowers and it is absolutely beautiful with the mountain in the back. This National Park is not a perfect place to spot wildflowers, it is also great for hiking. The flower fields are also breeding ground to butterflies and moths. I’ve never seen that many caterpillars in my life. It is insane. When we stopped and took a second to appreciate our beautiful surrounding you could see all these tiny to large caterpillars hanging out there on the flowers. Some of them will become beautiful butterflies others will turn into moths.  

Since our main objective was to see the wildflowers we only did one hike because we did not have enough time and we only drove out there for a day.

The most exciting hike for me that I saw on the map was the hike to the Sloth Canyon. Sloth Canyons are a narrow walkway between two Canyon walls. Eric and I were the only people on that hike and it was burning hot. By that time Eric just got over his sickness he was still coughing and I started to feel sick - spoiler alert the next day I was sick with a fever and had to stay in bed for 2 weeks because I was suffering from pneumonia. We ate dinner at Phil’s BBQ which was extremely delicious as always.   

The scenery is amazing and the entrance fee is only $10 per vehicle. This is a great day trip if you are located in southern Cali. The sloth canyon hike took us about - I want to say 3 hours roundtrip. The hike is not steep so that’s great because this park is located in the desert and it can get really hot.
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Anza Borrego National

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