Reebok Sole Fury Sneaker Review

Monday, November 12, 2018
Reebok sole fury

Hey guys,

I got my hands on some really comfy sneakers from Reebok. These are not out yet which makes it even more exciting to show them to you. 

Reebok’s sole fury are available in multiple colors. 

Everyone’s knows that sneakers look great with yoga pants and crop tops but styling it that way would have been too easy. My blog all about inspiration so, of course, I had to step it up.

During the week I wear a mixture of shoes. From flats to heels to sneakers. But most of the time I’m wearing a drop pair of kicks. 

Long gone are the times that you could only wear sneakers to the gym.  Nowadays everyone wears them for the style. 

My favorite way to wear sneakers to the office is by pairing them with jeans. I prefer high waisted jeans because they are great for hiding that extra piece of cake you ate last night. 

For most of my looks, I try to wear light tones because they are favoriting my skin tone better. 

A simple go-to outfit for me is this pair of blue jeans and this light pink crop top. In order to stay in the light tones, I am wearing a thick white shirt as a cardigan. 

A layered necklace will add the right amount of spark to this outfit. 

The sneakers are the highlight and the eye-catcher of this look. The two-toned sneaker is easy to pair with other light tones. 

Btw you can still rock these kicks to the gym. As I mentioned before they are comfortable and lightweight. 

I wore these sneakers all day and I can strongly recommend them not only for style but also for your workout. They are comfy and lightweight. These Reebok Sole Fury are going to retails for $90. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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