Moorten Botanical Garden Review

Wednesday, August 22, 2018
moorten botanical garden

Hey Fashionistas,

This post was supposed to come online way earlier but life has been crazy lately! I quit my job a few days ago to accept a better opportunity. I attended a marketing convention in Las Vegas and as soon as I get back to Los Angeles *today* I have to hop onto another plane due to a family emergency in Mexico. Eric and myself were supposed to go to Lake Tahoe but we had to cancel our entire trip. Book flights to Mexico and a rental car. I hope to catch some sleep on the plane.

It’s pretty hectic at this moment. Next weekend we’ll be heading to Peru to discover Machu Picchu and other ruins. This entire month I haven’t been home on the weekends and I feel like I am traveling from one place to another. Hence August flew by in no time. Looking forward to some slow days where we can just relax at the beach.

Let’s get back a few weeks ago. We spent the weekend in Palm Springs. Here is part 1 if you haven’t checked it out yet. I am talking about Palm Spring’s most instagrammable places.  

One of the most beautiful places is definitely Moorten Botanical Garden. You’ve probably seen it a million times on Instagram. If you are a sucker for succulents and other cactuses than this is the place for you! At the exit, they sell all kind of succulents starting at only $1! We ended up buying a few because who can say no?!

The Garden charges a few of $5 and you spent, I would say, no more than 2 hours there and that’s stretching it. There are endless photo opportunities and you can even have your wedding there!

Moorten Botanical Garden has the world’s first Cactarium! What’s that? It is a greenhouse full of cactuses and succulents - the perfect setup for any Instagramer!

It’s funny because we never visited this magical place before and I would go back any time. I love gardens and nature it’s the perfect place to relax and rewind.

A few notes on my outfit. Since it was sizzling hot, I needed something that keeps me cool. I love light fabrics for summer such as silk, and polyester (but not the cheap looking kind). These high waisted pants are made out of polyester and are super comfy! I paired it with a Coobie lace bralette. Lace is a great addition to any outfit if you want to add a dash of femininity to your look. I opt in for my colorful tropical blazer and a pair of loafers.  

By now you should all now that I am not a person that wears a lot of bling bling. So as always I am just wearing a purse and some really fun sunglasses from Happy Socks x Sunday Somewhere.

Moorten Botanical Garden closes around 1 PM during summer and 4 PM during winter. There is no parking lot but plenty of street parking available.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Instagrammable spots in Palm Springs

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moorten botanical garden review

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