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Monday, August 13, 2018
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Hey Fashionistas,

Would I ever go camping? No. It’s that simple, I don’t see myself sleeping in a sleeping bag on the hard floor and I don’t like the idea of having no amenities. I also have to mention that I never grew up with campaign but with that being said I love nature. I love visiting National Parks, hiking all day, I don’t mind getting muddy or wet due to weather conditions. So when I heard about Glamping, I was sold!

For everyone who doesn't know what Glamping is, it’s sleeping in a “fully furnished” tent. That includes a real bed, chair, table, and other useful things.

We spent the weekend Glamping at the Twisselman Ranch near Santa Margarita in California. This hidden gem is worth checking out before it becomes super popular and trust me this glamping spot is on the rise! Adriane and Ethan were our hosts, both are absolutely lovely human beings. Ethan showed us around and explained the Glamping spot.


The tents are spacious and I love the attention to detail. Fire starters, wood, tissues, a citronella candle, lighter, night lamps are provided. During winter time they will also put a chimney inside the tent to heat up the space. Our tent was furnished with chairs and a table. The tent also had 3 windows which you were able to close at night if needed.

The Glamping spot also offers two hot showers and three restrooms! Everything is clean and smells fantastic. Don’t worry you won’t be doing your business in a porta potty.

What you should keep in mind is that there are no electrical outlets and there are bugs. In the end you are still in the wild. You also need to bring food, plates, and silverware unless you want to drive an hour to the next town. We decided to bring two coolers. We didn’t want to BBQ so we decided to bring only cold food that we prepared a day prior to the trip. Our food included pasta salad, quiche, quinoa salad, wraps, smores and a few other things. You can park your car close to your room so it's easy to transfer your stuff to the tent.      


This spot is full of fun activities and we used them all! During the day you can book trail rides. We did an hour horseback riding on some lovely trained horses! You don’t need to be an experienced rider to take this tour. We started our ride at about 7 PM and were able to catch a beautiful sunset which ultimately equals stunning Instagram pics!

At the campground, you can take the paddle boats or the canoe. We used both boats and came to the conclusion that we much rather prefer the canoe. I guess it’s easier to maneuver. The lake or huge pond is filled with wildlife. When you take the time to observe your surrounding you’ll be surprised what you can spot. Stunning cranes, different species of beautiful birds, and rabbits. Adriane and Ethan also told us you can spot elk, frogs, and quails.

When it gets hot, like the past weekend - temperatures reached 100 degrees - it’s always nice to cool off in a pool. Well, it’s more like a tub but it is big enough to relax and soak up the sun. The water inside the tub was cold ish so it felt very refreshing!

The next town is about an hour away. A lot of people also stay here to go to the beach (1 ½ hour drive) to surf or see the elephant seals.

BBQ and Campfire:

There are multiple BBQ and fire pits around the campground. Wood is provided when you glamp we brought our own because we weren’t sure. Making smores in this beautiful campground while you're looking at the stars will change the way you glamp.

In conclusion:

Twisselman Ranch is perfect for those who love the wild but don't fully want to make the commitment of sleeping on the floor with no restroom or shower. This place is full of adventures and is one of the most instagrammable spots available. The time is now to head out and enjoy the wild while still feeling at home. At this moment they only have a few tents making it the perfect time to do this glamping adventure so all the amenities are yours to grab at any moment. You guys should head out there before it grows and it becomes hard to get a spot.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This looks like such an amazing escape and the photos are gorgeous! Still trying to figure out how you’re sitting on a stump in the middle of the water and you’re completely dry. �� -@simplygailg