How to style high waisted work pants

Monday, June 18, 2018
Monday Outfit

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Monday! This outfit here is a typical Monday morning outfit. Monday is the first day after the weekend and I just want to be comfortable. Considering the fact that for the past two days I run around in my yoga pants, oversized sweater, and my Adidas kicks. So Monday mornings for me have to be comfy yet stylish (that office life tho).

Since I can’t come to work with joggers I option in for these high waisted slacks. These pants are currently on sale for $24! I love the loose fit and the cute little belt it comes with. The shirt which is an upgrade to a normal button shirt pairs perfectly with these pants. The shirt has all its buttons on the back which makes it super fun looking!

My weekend sneakers got swapped for a pair of leopard heels. I wear leopard print pretty much to everything. I treat this color as a neutral which makes it easy to pair with other items. Plus this print adds a nice little detail to any outfit.

In order to not look super tired, I put on a bright shade of lipstick. A bright lip color can “fake” an awake face - which is much needed on a Monday morning because I don’t drink coffee. The last time I drank coffee every morning was in college and that’s quite a while ago. Nowadays, I fully committed to tea. I would go as far as calling myself tea obsessed. So I start my day with a fresh cup of green tea. Yes, tea also has caffeine but my body doesn't seem to care.

My hair gets tied up into a high ponytail because truth to be told every Monday is a bad hair day and I am just way too lazy to get up earlier to fix it. Unless I am going anywhere.

Thanks for stopping by!  

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  1. Great styling Nina. Such a fab Monday look and you look amazing. Abbey xxx

  2. You totally rock this look, such a nice upgrade or alternative from the casual button down shirt and slacks. Belted pants are such a thing, so glad you posted a look featuring those pants :)

    Natonya |