Ana Luisa Jewelry Review

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Ana Luisa Jewelry Review

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Thursday! As you might know, or might have noticed I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. But when I do wear sparkling pieces I expect excellent quality. When I was a Teenager I owned a million earrings preferably long and dangly pieces I got from the mall. *Thankfully* I grew out of this phase and nowadays I prefer studs or occasionally some long earrings.

Pia small earringsCurrently, I am wearing earrings from Ana Luisa NY. *Be sure to scroll down all the way there is a Giveaway waiting for you!* Ana Luisa NY is an online shop that offers handcrafted designer jewelry at fair prices. All of their pieces are made with high-quality products for the everyday life. I was pretty impressed when I found out that some of their designers used to work for fashion brands such as Alexander Wang, Tory Burch, and Ralph Lauren.

Their website is very clean and easy to manage and since I am a sucker for clean, chic and timeless pieces it wasn't hard for me to fall in love with these jewelry pieces.

I love the pieces I received, the earrings featured on their website are simply spectacular. You should also check out their blog on fashion jewelry trend.

I ended up getting five absolutely gorgeous earrings. Of course, you can also get bracelets, rings or necklaces from Ana Luisa. The reason I decided to solely get earrings is that I wear them every day. I have two ear piercings on each side and most of the time I wear my hair up.

As I mentioned above I prefer studs so I got the Pia small earrings, Pia large earrings, and Solange earrings. These are all studs and very timeless. The Pia small earrings are great if you have more than one ear piercing. The dainty stud as the name indicates is small but the stone is very sparkly. The Solange earrings remind me of angel wings and are perfect if you want a bit more glamour on your ear. The Pia large studs are the perfect addition to any outfit. They are big, chic and sparkly.  

Pia large studs Dainty studs like these I wear every day because they look polished and add a dash of dazzle to my ears.    

The other two pair I got are golden hoops called Tia medium hoops. These earrings are great when I go out or I wear a very simple outfit and need a statement.

Each piece is individually handcrafted with excellent materials. Let me tell you, you can see and feel the quality. But what I love most about this store is that every piece is special because they only release a limited quantity to guarantee uniqueness. I think this is fantastic because I love the idea of only a handful (ok maybe a bit more than just a handful but you get the hint) of women wear the same earrings as I do.

For jewelry lovers, Ana Luisa also offers a free membership. Like any membership, this one also comes with amazing perks. You will get unlimited access to all collections and a one-year warranty on all styles. When you are a member you will also get free shipping (hell yes!) and free returns. My favorite benefit of all you will get a surprise gift with every order - I like the sounds of that! You can sign up for FREE here:

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