Fruit of the Loom EverLight underwear review

Thursday, May 17, 2018
Fruit of the Loom EverLight underwear review

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Underwear, we wear it every day, so we better get it right, just like basic tees and denim jeans. Truth to be told no one really thinks about underwear because we are way too busy with other things. Unless it is your wedding night and you want to wear something special.

One size fits all days are long gone. Today, we have the chance to get different styles and textures. Fruit of the Loom was so kind to send me their new EverLight panties. These bikini shaped bottoms are made out of ultra lightweight fabric!

I am all about comfort especially when it comes to underwear. There is nothing more annoying than an uncomfortable waist band that leaves a mark after a long day. Also, for warmer months I prefer cotton or lightweight underwear because these materials are more breathable.

Airy materials are definitely something to keep in mind when choosing an undergarment for our lifestyle. Are you sitting a lot on a desk or do you move around all day? These are questions to ask yourself if you are on the hunt for new underwear. As you can see I put a lot of thoughts into my underwear. Fruit of the Loom EverLight underwear is meant for any occasion. The material is a breathable 4-way stretch that allows all-day comfort. The undergarments are slight sheer because of the ultra-fine, micro-mesh fabric. You can also thank this material for the “I don’t feel my underwear” feeling.
After all, these are clothing items that you will be putting through the wash a lot, so be sure to get something that is durable like the Fruit of the Loom EverLight underwear.      

Hand-in-hand with airy materials comes style. There are thousands of different styles and different underwear for different occasions and clothing items. For everyday wear, the Fruit of the Loom Everlight panty is perfect. These panties have a bikini shape, so your body gets hugged in the right places, and as you already know, what you wear underneath can really make or break an outfit.

I hope I could encourage and excite you about the Fruit of the Loom EverLight underwear! I also have a $2 coupon for you. With coupon code “LIGHT” applied at checkout. This code is valid across all Everlight products, and can be used more than once. This sale period will run May 14 – May 28 at

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Fruit of the Loom EverLight underwear

Fruit of the Loom EverLight underwear

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