Casual Spring Denim Outfit

Friday, May 11, 2018
Tommy girl

Hey Fashionistas,

The weekend is upon us! The week went by pretty quickly but unfortunately, the weather forecast for the weekend does not look that great. It is supposed to be cold and cloudy.

Last weekend we spent our Saturday at the beach near Malibu. I am not sure if it is dolphin season but for the past two months every time we go to the beach we see dolphins which is pretty cool! Also, for the first time this year, we went into the water! It is freezing cold but regardless which season it is the Pacific is always cold.

On Sunday we drove to Santa Barbara (I will be uploading a few images to my Instagram, so follow along). I can’t remember the last time we drove to Santa Barbara but it must be already 2 years ago. The very first time we visited Santa Barbara we stopped at a hidden gem about 20 minutes away from the city. The hidden gem is nowadays not so hidden anymore since Instagram and multiple websites made this place popular.

This restaurant or tavern is in the middle of the woods. BTW if you are in the area you should definitely check this place out, it's called The Cold Spring Tavern. Saturday and Sunday they offer their famous Tri-Tip Sandwich which is absolutely delicious. Of course, we stopped to enjoy the Tr-Tip sandwich with homemade BBQ sauce, fried onion rings, and an ice cold beer (only for myself, Eric does not drink that stuff). The place was crowded but we still had the chance to get a spot at a table. The prices are reasonable, we paid around $30.

After we satisfied our hunger we drove to Santa Barbara to just walk around at the Wharf and Nuevo Paseo. For the first time, we tried Pressed Juicery Soft Serve. Personally, I like it. It tastes like frozen juice and I felt much healthier eating this than any other ice cream.

Overall, this was a super fun day. We both love this little coastal town and it’s perfect for a day trip.

The outfit that I am uploading today is super casual with a dash of luxury. My mom gave me these cool MCM sunglasses and paired with a high-end purse, this outfit can be worn anywhere. Whenever I have to run errands or we just hand out somewhere casual I love to wear outfits like these. My Tommy slides are comfy and my hoodie is warm. Whereas graphic shorts add some edginess to this look.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Casual Spring Denim Outfit

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