How to style an Indian patterned jacket

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
how to wear a colorful jacket

Hey Fashionistas,

The year barely started and I already have a thousand ideas what I would like to do this Year. Our vacation planning is in full force but we haven’t decided yet where we should go. South America is definitely on our list and I know that my husband would love to visit the Rainforest so I hope we can make that happen this year.

In order to save up for all the fun things planned we usually take our weekend’s easy. Most of the time we hit the golf course and play nine holes, my husband recently started playing soccer again on Sundays so I am always watching him and Sushi Sunday is always on our agenda. But of course, I also do most of my blog work on the weekends too.

A couple of weekends ago we went out for lunch to Whole in the Wall Burger near Santa Monica. The burgers all customizable and super yummy! I got the lettuce wrap burger with avocado, bacon (my guilty pleasure) and mushrooms. On lunch dates with my husband, I like to wear something casual yet unique.

A while ago I started wearing high waisted pants and honestly I wouldn't exchange them for anything. They fit right and they look cool. My outfit was a bit South American inspired by my colorful jacket with cute details and my leather purse. I love Indian patterned jackets because they look unique and fun. Those jackets also have this boho vibe which goes perfectly with a leather purse. I got this purse on one of our trips to Mexico. A simple green body puts the entire outfit together. Not shown in the images are my white Adidas kicks. The finishing touch is a swipe of my favorite red liquid lipstick from Sephora.

Thanks for stopping by!

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