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Monday, January 15, 2018
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Hey Fashionistas,

Happy New Year! I hope you guys celebrated and welcomed 2018! I spent New Years in Arizona. Traditionally, we are taking road trips over this time of the year. Since we seen pretty much everything that is reachable with the car in a timely matter, we decided to drive to Arizona.

We did a small road trip starting at the Grand Canyon. Our second stop was Sedona and out last stop was Phoenix.

Our first stop was the Grand Canyon. Since we already seen a bunch of canyons, especially in Utah, I assumed this one was just another Canyon. Since the North Rim is closed during winter we drove to the South Rim. We parked the car and took a short bus ride to the fist viewing point. Remember what I said before that I don’t expect to be amazed?! Yeah, forget about it. The Grand Canyon is beautiful and amazing! If this is your first time seeing a Canyon I can assure you that this view will take your breath away!

We went to the Hermit Road and stop at the Mohave viewing point for the sunset. This viewing point is perfect for sunsets and less crowded than the Hopi Point. You will also have a better chance to find parking at the Mohave point especially during the more crowded season.

From here you can see the river and the canyons. The sunset, as always, was stunning! The sky turned yellow and fiery red - I love sunset! We were about to head back to the parking lot when we realized that the skied had turned pink! Different hues of pink, the moon and the canyon formed the perfect Instagram shot! No filter needed!

About a thousand other people also decided to wait for the sunset so by the time we wanted to drive home we got stuck in traffic. Only one way exists the park so it was a stop and go for a while. In situations like these my husband and I use the time to talk about the day and get to know what each others highlights were.

If you decide to visit the Grand Canyon try to avoid Holidays like Memorial Day since these days are really crowded at the Canyon. If you are just in for the view I would say one day is enough to take some great images and to see all the viewing points. If you want to see both rims keep in mind that they are 5 hours drive away from each other and the North Rim is closed during winter. You can also book Mule Rides that will take you through the Canyons but also keep in mind that you need to book in advance. Initially, we wanted to do the mule ride but we ended up not booking it - one of the reasons were the $145 price tag.

We stayed at the Grand Canyon Inn which I can recommend if you look for a place to stay that is affordable and not too far away. This motel is 30 minutes drive away from the South Entrance. The breakfast was good but you had to pay for it. Menu items are between $5 and $15. My husband, who loves pancakes, waffles and french toast, ended up getting the french toast, with a side of bacon, eggs and hash brown. I got a tasty omelette with a side of hashbrowns.

Entrance fee to the Grand Canyon is $30 which we were able to save since a very nice couple at our hotel offered us their pass to enter the park!

Our next stop was Sedona. We did the Devils Bridge hike. At the end of the hike, you will reach an arch. Great for images but a bit scary if you are afraid of heights. Make sure to come early since parking is limited and fills up quickly. The hike is not too bad it starts easy and gets more difficult as you go.

After we have seen the Devils Bridge we drove to the Red Rock Crossing. This area offers multiple hikes. We decided to take an easy loop hike from the parking lot to the Cathedral Rock. We also hiked to Red Rock Crossing which is absolutely beautiful. With the water flowing and the red rocks in the background, this spot is perfect for a picnic and of course some stunning images.

Later that day, we drove to Phoenix where we celebrated NYE in our hotel room after we went to Denny's for dinner. Eric started to get the flu so it was best to stay in bed and wait for the New Year to come.

The next day we visited the Phoenix Zoo and drove back to Los Angeles.

Thanks for stopping by!

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