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Sunday, September 10, 2017
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Nature always surprises me - in a good way. My husband and I love going to national parks and discover nature. A couple of weeks ago we visited Joshua National Park. This wasn’t our first time and I can guarantee you this also won't be the last time.

The park is around 3-hour drive from Los Angeles so it's very convenient for a weekend getaway. We usually like to stay in Palm Springs because we both love Palm Springs and I am not a fan of campaign. You can spend a day or you can spend an entire week in this park.

Although we visited the park before we found new things that we haven't seen before. On our most recent trip, we discovered the Cholla cactus garden. In this garden, you will see millions off cactus and they're unbelievably beautiful. With a few clouds in the blue sky and some Cholla cactus beside you, this place offers amazing photo opportunities.

Since the park is located in the desert I recommend bringing lots of water with you and do not do strenuous hikes during summer. This is for your own safety. When you enter the park you will see lots of Joshua trees, rock formations, and other beautiful scenery.

Joshua National Park is definitely worth a visit. We visited the park at the end of July and let me tell you weather changes fast in national parks so we got to experience heat and rain in just one day.

So next time you looking for a weekend getaway consider Joshua National Park.

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cholla cactus garden

Joshua national park cholla cactus garden

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