My recent trip to Mexico with my white Reeboks

Friday, September 1, 2017
white reebok sneakers

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Hey Fashionistas,

I just got back from my recent trip to Mexico. As always I enjoy visiting this country. During our four day trip, we did a lot of fun things like horse riding, enjoying the cuisine and hanging out with my husband’s family - but mostly horse riding. Temperatures were high and so was the humidity so I wanted to wear something casual, fun and airy.

Due to a lot of rain roads were muddy but I still took my new white Reeboks with me. You might have realized that a lot of older/vintage brands are making their comeback. Those Reeboks are stylish and super comfortable. As you know I'm obsessed with white sneakers because they go with everything - only disadvantage they get dirty fast.

During our stay, we visited my husband's granddad's ranch where we had a BBQ, we rode a donkey and harvested locally grown fruit. On Friday, we spent the entire day horse riding in the near by forest. Every day we also spent some time in Tamazula so get our daily juice and choco milk or some fresh coconut water! On Saturday we took a day trip to Mazamitla. They offer horse riding tours to a beautiful waterfall. In case you ever visit this area you should do this tour. On Sunday, it was time for us to say goodbye and fly back to Los Angeles, so we ended this beautiful trip with a drive back to Guadalajara.

Let's also not forget my outfit details! I love how white sneakers can elevate a casual outfit. In my case I'm wearing high-waisted pants, a printed rose body and an airy cardigan. Besides white sneakers, I also love airy long cardigans. I love the way the flow in the wind when you walk and they are a nice cover up with own feeling hot.

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  1. You look so beautiful in those simple clothes! The sneakers are just awesome, love em!