Imperial Sand Dunes - Day Trip

Saturday, August 19, 2017
imperial sand dunes

Hey Fashionistas,

I recently visited Palm Springs! I love Palm Springs, it is only a 2-hour drive from LA and it is the perfect weekend getaway if you don't want to go far. In the next few blog posts, I am going to show you what you can do on a 2-day trip or weekend trip to sunny Palm Springs.

We left Los Angeles, Saturday morning around 10 AM. Even if I want to leave early it never happens. We loaded up the car, I need a lot of snacks because I am constantly hungry. Our first stop were the Imperial Sand Dunes. The drive takes around 4 hours from LA and about 2 hours from Palm Springs but it is totally worth it. I would recommend coming here during the colder month because it gets really hot. We visited the sand dunes in July and it was around 110 F so as soon you got out of the car you were sweating.

The landscape is amazing regarding the fact that this is in SoCal and you are standing in the middle of sand dunes! I would also recommend not to take off your shoes because it will burn your feet! The sand is hot AF!

This place is amazing for photography. You can take great fashion, wedding or even engagement shots. The light breeze makes your hair flow and clothes move which is perfect for shooting images.

As I mentioned before it gets really hot during summer so don’t walk too far off from the parking. Make sure to bring water with you in case you decided to hike the dunes. We walked around for a little bit and it was exhausting. Eventually, you will be covered in sand because of the light breeze and the sweat.

I decided to wear a kimono, it flows nicely in the wind. A blue crop top and high waisted shorts. My shoes look, unfortunately, less fashionable but again the sand was too hot to wear any other shoe.

The parking was easy to find. We put Imperial Sand Dunes in our GPS, ok who am I kidding, we put the name into the Waze app and found it easily. You can also do more adventures things in the desert like riding an RV. We decided just to come here for images.

Thanks for stopping by!

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