Health Benefits of drinking water from Copper Pitcher

Sunday, August 13, 2017
Benefits of drinking water from a copper pitcher

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You all know I am a total makeup addict. I love me a blinding highlight or a romantic eye makeup. I own a billion lipsticks and I love each and every shade. Makeup, in my opinion, is great to enhance your natural beauty but how do you keep your skin looking healthy?

For instance, a great skin care regimen helps, never go to sleep with your makeup on, exercise and eating healthy. I could check them all off. I religiously use my skin care products and I have an overall healthy lifestyle. But what also keeps your skin looking young and your body going is water. Our body needs water to function right and we can enhance water by simply using a Copper Pitcher.

You might ask yourself why does Copper enhance my drinking experience. Let me tell you. I was recently gifted with a Copper Pitcher from Shantiva. Shantiva is a Canadian based company that made it their profession to sell handmade copper pitchers. Before this company introduced me to Copper Pitcher I had no idea how many health benefits it has. First off let me tell you that copper is known for being antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. Shantiva’s Copper Pitchers are also naturally self-sterilizing which is amazing! Below I listed some of my favorite health benefits of drinking water out of a Copper Pitcher.

1. Helps your digestive system
Drinking water out of a Copper Pitcher can help to detox the liver and kidney, it also flushed out the stomach and digestive tract. Water from a Copper Pitcher can also kill harmful bacteria and help to prevent an upset stomach.

2. Helps to prevent Aging
We are all looking for creams, tools and other things that can possibly slow down the aging process. Drinking water from a Copper Pitcher can decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the antioxidants found in water that is stored in a Copper Pitcher.

3. It is good for your heart
Studies have shown that copper helps to decrease the risk of developing a heart disease, it also helps to regulate the blood pressure and helps to lower cholesterol levels.  

4. Improves your skin appearance
We all know that the number one beauty secret is drinking water but did you know that drinking water from a Copper Pitcher is even better?  Experts say that drinking water from a copper pitcher on a regular basis can improve your skin

This water does not taste like copper whatsoever it just tastes fresh and clean. I store the water in the pitcher overnight for best results. The company also told me that when storing water in the pitcher overnight it will naturally create alkaline water which is good for a healthy lifestyle because drinking alkaline water helps balance the body's pH levels. I also love to enhance my water with a couple of lemon or cucumber slices. This way you can add some flavor to your water without being unhealthy.

I strongly recommend to check out Shantiva. Their Copper Pitchers are not only beneficial for your health, they also look super stylish in your kitchen and at your next dinner party!

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Health benefits of Copper
Health benefits of copper pitcher
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