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Monday, July 31, 2017
ideallean product review

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I haven’t talked much about it on my blog but working out and living a healthy lifestyle plays a big part in our lives. My husband and I are very active we play golf on the weekends and during the week we stay fit by doing some HIIT (high-intensity interval training). We both don’t have a GYM membership instead we are working out in our backyards.

When I tell someone I am working out at home, they are usually of the opinion that it is not as effective. I have to strongly disagree because there are a lot of great workout programs available online. Since I started doing HIIT I see great results. Of course, I am also taking workout supplements because they help to enhance my workout while helping my body to recuperate faster.

Currently, I am using supplements from IdealLean. This brand decided to specialize on women meaning they have workout supplements tailored to women but that doesn't mean that your significant other can’t drink it. Today, I want to share with you the products I am using to enhance my workout. I also have a coupon code for you so don't forget to use code FITCREW to get 10% off your entire order!!

1. Protein Shakes
protein shake review

I honestly don’t like those shakes. It has probably something to do with the fact that I dislike milkshakes but I know that they are good for you when you work out. I have the flavor Chocolate Brownie and it does not taste too sweet or artificial. There are plenty of other protein shakes on the market but they don’t really do anything for you (trust me I have tried them). IdealLean protein shakes have just 80 calories and 20 grams of whey protein. Even my husband drinks the shakes and he really likes them! I add protein shakes to my workout because they help my muscles to recuperate faster.

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I have to be very honest, this is not one of my favorite drinks. In general any powdered drink is just hard to drink. This drink is not for taste you drink for the results.I drink it because it works wonders with muscle recovery, building lean muscle and burning fat. Each serving of IdealLean BCAAs offers 5 grams of BCAAS to reduce  muscle soreness and promote muscle building. Best thing about this product is that it has zero calories and no sugar!

3. Burner
fat burner pills review

The bottle contains 60 pills that help you to lose weight. No, they are not magic pills that you take to get skinny overnight. I take one pill before breakfast with a good amount of water. The burner pills contain caffeine to give you energy but also to suppress hunger. Additionally, you also have to work out to see results.

4. Pre-Workout
pre workout supplement review

There are days where I feel not as motivated to work out or I feel a bit sleepy. Days like these I like to add LeanLean’s Pre-Workout drink to my workout routine. The Pre-Workout provides you with lasting energy you need for your workout without feeling super tired afterwards. I love the fact that this supplement is caffeine free and it naturally improved blood flow to active muscles. With only 5 calories and no sugar, this is the perfect way to get your workout started.

Overall, this is a great brand for women and men. I have been using the products for the last month and I feel that they improved my workout. I have more energy and I feel less sore when I use LeanLean’s products. If you are looking for a protein shakes and other supplements with fewer calories and less BS in them this is the perfect brand for you! Don't forget to use code FITCREW to get 10% off your entire order!!

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