Why you need to have an Essential Oil Diffuser

Thursday, March 30, 2017
humidifier, organic aromas, essential oils

Hey Fashionistas,

I hope you are doing well. My week actually flew by and I can't wait to relax at the weekend.
Lately, I'm really into essential oils and humidifiers. Essential oils can help you with a lot of different things from healing stomach pain to lighten up your mood to removing stress and headaches.

I was recently gifted with a new essential oil diffuser from Organic Aromas and essential oils to put into it. The design is super sleek and absolutely gorgeous! It is made out of wood and glass and looks amazing in every space. I honestly haven't seen an essential oil diffuser that looks that cool.

humidifier, organic aromas, essential oilsMy essential oil diffuser can change colors making the fog look unique and you can control the intensity of the aroma. The essential oil diffuser transforms your room in no time with a wonderful scent of whatever oil you use. The essential oil diffuser does not need water you only insert the essential oils and plug it in. Within seconds you will see the fog coming out.

A few days ago I used my mandarin scented oil and it really lightened up my mood and made our house smell amazing!

My cat Tetris also loves the essential oil diffuser because she is so interested in the fog that comes out. But when you are a pet owner be careful when using essential oils. Some oils are harmful to pets but you can read more here about it. Organic Aromas has an interesting blog post on their website that will help with any concerns you might have. On the other hand, some essential oils can also help your pet to calm down and lower their stress levels.

An essential oil diffuser offers multiple health benefits while looking super stylish in your house. My humidifier retails for about $80 and it is totally worth it.

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