Hairburst Argan Hair Oil Review

Saturday, June 18, 2016
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Hair Oil: Hairburst

As I mentioned before I am a huge fan of hair oils. There are fantastic multitaskers and I could probably list 20 benefits of using hair oil.

I recently tried Hairburst’s Argan Oil. This oil is a 100% Organic Argan Oil and it has no scent which I don’t really prefer since I am all about good smelling hair but it works great. Argan  Oil makes your hair shine and smooth. This oil protects the hair and makes it smoother, softer and less frizzy.

I use my hair oil every time after washing my hair to tame frizz, add moisture and prevent my hair from breaking because oils seal the cuticle down. The biggest benefit in most oils are the fatty acids, which replace the lipids in your hair when it starts getting really thin.

I would recommend this oil to all my fashionistas because it’s perfect for everyone and every hair can use a boost of hydration.

This oil will help to nourish your hair so you can all have beautiful and healthy hair. Just remember that fashion consists not only of clothing but your overall demeanor.

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