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Monday, April 12, 2021



White Shirt and Jean Shorts

Hey Fashionistas,

It's already April and this means it's my hubby's birthday! We are planning a day trip to Plam Springs and take out dinner from PF Changs. We haven't been to Palm Springs in a while, and I can't find to visit again. It's one of my favorite places in SoCal for a little getaway. 

Besides a planned day trip my quarantine life still looks the same. The majority of our time is spent at home or at the tennis court. I actually got a sunburn on my arms from placing my home office in the backyard.

While I enjoy Spring, I can't wait for summer to roll around. But one of my favorite looks to wear during Spring is this jeans shit and white shirt combo. I love the lightness of the withe cotton shirt and street style vibes from the sneakers. A pair of unique sneakers, instantly elevate an outfit. 

Adding a belt with metal details, a purse and a few accessories help to upgrade a more casual outfit like this one. I recently got a few new necklaces and earrings from Marlyn Schiff. For this outfit, I layered two necklaces. One with a lock on a gold chain and a necklace with different charm elements. I love wearing multiple necklaces for a more boho-chick approach.

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