Visiting Miami

Monday, January 18, 2021

art district miami

Visiting Miami

Hi Fashionistas,

A few months ago, we visited Miami, and we checked out the Cuban district and the arts district. While I expected more from the so-called Cuban district, it was still fun to see some parts of Miami that are not the beach. I still prefer the arts district in Los Angeles because the graffiti looks better (sorry, but not sorry) and the restaurants located in LA’s art district. If you decide to visit either the Cuban district or the arts district, consider getting dropped off and picked up. The parking situation is ridiculous. Most of the time, you are stuck in one-way streets and meter parking.

Luckily, we found meter parking, so we took a quick look and snapped some photos. While the internet suggests visiting the Cuban district, I think it is not a must-see. The smell of cigars is in the air, and everything is crowded.  

Before our trip, I purchased these high waisted leather pants. Leather shorts are stylish, and you can combine them with almost anything. I paired my shorts with a black oversized Iron Maiden shirt. The oversized fit allows me to tie the shirt for a more stylish look. I added a pink denim jacket to my outfit to add some color.  

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cuban street in miami

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cuban district in miami

iron maiden shirt

miami art district

cuban street in miami

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