How to take great bathing suit pictures

Sunday, January 3, 2021


looking good in a bathing suit

Looking good in a bathing suit

Hi Fashionistas,

Beach days are my favorite! I love the smell of the salty ocean water and walking on white sandy beaches. 

After we returned from Dry Tortugas Island - I wrote about it in my previous post. We caught a cute little area with an abundance of palm trees, this offered the perfect opportunity to take pictures. 

Here are my top five bathing suite shots so your Instagram feed will look lit!


The Matchy Shot

Your bathing suit matches your backdrop and you know it! Your images will look straight out of a magazine and your followers going to love it!

The Glamour Shot

You might not jump into the ocean with heels and accessories but load up on them. Add jewelry such as earrings, necklace and bracelets to your bathing suit outfit. Try taking images while standing and sitting. 

The Beach Shot

Beach shots are my favorite. Use the umbrella, sunglasses, cooler or towel as props. Find a pose that is flattering and reveals only the best part of your outfit. Maybe even lay in sand. 

The Travel Shot

If you want to take your image at a destination take the image from further away to capture the entire scene. Don’t look straight at the camera but instead pretend to wander.

The Palm Tree Shot

If you are somewhere tropical with palm trees use them in your shot. Stand in front of them or have the trees on the side of your image. Lean against them with one-pointed toe in front of the other for a casual post. 

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how to take images in a bathing suit

how to take images in a bathing suit

palm tree bikini

palm tree bikini

sunset in key west

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