Swimming with Manatees and Snorkeling in the Devil's Den

Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Bucket list item: Swimming with Manatees

Hi Fashionistas,

I was able to cross off another item from my bucket list - swimming with manatees! After we visited the Blue Spring State Park we drove for about 3 hours to the Crystal River which is located in western Florida. We stayed at a motel because we booked a 6 AM tour to swim with manatees.

We entered the boat that is going to take us to the manatees. Manatee season starts in mid-November when these animals return from the ocean to the springs to enjoy warmer water temperatures. Manatees are mammals and since they only have a thin layer of fat to protect them from the cold water they return to the springs where you are able to swim with them.

snorkeling with manatees

The tour also took us to different springs such as Hutner Springs and Jurassic Spring to snorkel. I swam in all kinds of rivers, lakes, and oceans but the water in the springs was so clear and blue, it was mesmerizing. I’ve never seen water that clear and blue before.

After swimming with the manatees we drove to snorkel in the Devil’s Den. The Devil’s Den is about a 45-minute drive from Crystal River. Devil’s Den is a natural sinkhole much like a Cenote. Due to Covid-19, you have to make a reservation to go snorkeling or diving. Swimming is permitted in this privately owned sinkhole. Devil’s Den is an underground river so you have to walk down a staircase to reach the water. The overall sinkhole is pretty dark so if you plan on diving you have to bring a light. The water temperature in the underground river is at a contact 72 degrees.

We ended up bringing our snorkeling equipment but you can also rent equipment to go snorkeling. Devil’s Den also charged an entrance fee of around $15. Devil’s Den also has showers and changing room facilities. The office is also able to take care of your car keys while you are snorkeling.

After our snorkeling excursion, we drove back to Miami for about five hours.

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