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Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Trona Pinnacles must see

Day Trip to Trona Pinnacles Part 2

This is part two of our road trip stops. A few days ago I started the road trip series with our trip to the Fossil Falls. You might be interested in reading more about the Fossil Falls.

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Our next stop was the Trona Pinnacles. You might have heard about them or seen them in movies such as Star Trek, music videos, or TV commercials. The Trona Pinnacles are not an underrated hidden gem, unlike our first stop, but instead are a beautiful area that was covered in countless times on TV. 

We drove about 1 ½ hour from the Fossil Falls to the Trona Pinnacles. The last 2 miles are drive on a dirt road with some large potholes and loose gravel. After a shaky ride, you’ll reach the parking lot. The parking lot is large which indicates that probably a lot of visitors are coming here. We visited on a Monday and were the only ones there. 

I’ve never been to another planet but I could imagine that Mars would look something like the Trona Pinnacles. You can hike in between the spires and admire the landscape. There are over 500 spires, some are as high as 140 feet rising from the ground. The pinnacles vary in size and shape which create a unique landscape. According to the bureau of land management, the pinnacles were formed underwater, at one point the entire area was 640 feet underwater. The Pinnacles are located in the desert which can get very hot during summer. Make sure to bring water on your hike. 

The pinnacles are worth the visit. I’ve been too many national parks, seen a lot of canyons and rock formations but this one is super unique. It’s a fun day trip from Los Angeles. 

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