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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hi Fashionistas,

It’s a book! I finally published my first book and I am so excited to share the big news with you!

Instagram StrategiesInstagram Strategies & Tactics

YAY! I published my first book! I am currently in the process of creating a platform where I can share my knowledge about organic marketing with you but it all started with writing a book about Instagram.

The whole process took me about a year, including a few breaks where I just had to step away from it in order to make it better. The entire book is created by myself with the help of my husband who was the proofreader and editor.

I started writing the book on my way home after work in my car while stuck in traffic. Of course, I did not type while driving but instead I used the voice tool to type. This helped me create a rough outline and a way to note down all my information. I used the weekends to edit my writing and to further work on it. 

Along the process, I worked on the book when I felt like working on it. My goal was always to finish it and share it with the world but I didn't want to put myself under pressure also considering the fact that I still have other commitments in my life. 

Every New Year’s I am setting goals for the upcoming year not only to keep myself motivated but also to get a focus for the upcoming year. Last year was all about traveling, we traveled to every continent within a year and blew through a whole lot of money but it was totally worth it! 

instagram strategies and tactics book nina villalvazo

So, I made it my goal that 2020 is all about focusing on my work including my fashion blog German Blondy and my new business blog The Social Wisdom. I have to admit that the stay-at-home order helped my productivity, gotta see the positive aspect in everything. Since there is not much to do, and we already fixed the house and the garden, I have enough time to focus on my side hustle.

My book, Instagram Strategies & Tactics focuses on the organic approach to gain followers and increase engagement. The book also includes a bonus section where I reveal my $1 Ad Strategy. The book teaches you:

  • How to use your time efficiently

  • How to become an "influencer" in your space

  • How to increase the number of engaged followers

  • How to obtain a massive advantage compared to your competition who is using Instagram without a strategy

This book shows you concrete steps that you can immediately implement into your Instagram existence. This Instagram blueprint reveals steps and examples of how to be successful on Instagram.

I am on Instagram for almost a decade and throughout the years I developed strategies and tactics to become an expert on the platform. I mastered the art of content creation and I am ready to share my knowledge. 

My book is available on Amazon as a hardcover and as an ebook. If you want to make your hobby into something more tangible I suggest you check out my book. 

Check out Instagram Tactics & Strategies on Amazon.

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