How to style hiking boots

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

How to style hiking boots

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Overknee boots, fashionable hiking boots, or elegant boots all can be found in my closet. Boots are my favorite way, besides being barefoot, to dress my feet. I love boots not only for the colder seasons but also for spring and fall, and let's not forget about summer nights. Boots can balance a heavy layered look or add edginess to a some-what summery looking outfit.


How to style hiking boots

In today's blog post, I want to show you how to style your favorite hiking boots, most fashionably. I mean, who said you can wear hiking boots in the city jungle? 

I opted in for some chunky earth-toned colored boots with laces. Earth tones can be combined with other neutrals, denim, and even khaki track pants.

how to style knitt

How to style hiking boots

fall makeup

When looking for boots, you also want to pay close attention to the right length of jeans or dress you are wearing. I dislike when jeans get stuffed into the boot, that's not stylish, and also lets your legs appear less long. Instead, go for either cropped jeans or roll up your jeans. You want to make sure your jeans do not touch the boot.

The same goes for dresses to choose something that mid-calf or ankle length and pair the garment with lace-up boots. 

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How to style hiking boots

How to style boots

During winter, layers of clothing are essential to staying warm. When you layer your clothes, be sure to wear some heavy boots to balance your bottom half. 

I took the "LA winter" approach and styled my hiking boots with jeans, shorts, socks, and a knitted sweater. 

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How to style boots

how to style cropped knitt sweater

How to style boots

gucci boots

gucci winter boots

How to style boots

How to style gucci boots

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