How to style a boho look

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
fall style

Hey Fashionista,

Sweater weather bohemian style. Bohemian style means chunky knits, texture and bold jewelry. We took these fall pictures close to lake Arrowhead. 

Bohemian style is an easy effortless look that uses natural fabrics and is connected to Mother Earth. I stayed true to this by wearing a turtleneck knitted sweater made out of wool.

There are a thousand ways to style a boho-chic outfit and like always there is no right and wrong. The idea of a bohemian outfit is layering and combining different items of clothing to reflect your unique character. Typically these outfits feature free-flowing fabrics and oversized pieces. 

What I like to do is adding a few fitted pieces to my boho chic. For this outfit, I choose a burgundy mini skirt and paired it with my oversized turtleneck sweater. For boho outfits, I like to stay in the natural color hues. 

Accessories are as important as the clothes themselves. Items like belts, hats, and scarfs can make a huge difference. Also, pay close attention to materials. For my look, I paired leather and metal accessories. 

No bohemian outfit is complete without a hat. It's crazy how a hat can totally change up your entire appearance. 

When it comes to accessories go for something bold and noticeable. Leather, shells, wood, beads, and metal are great materials to glam up your boho-chic look. Everything in style or vintage is perfect for a bohemian feel. 

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