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Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Duomo di Milano

Hey Fashionistas,

This is part two of my Travel Series. Did you read part one? If not you can read more here about the Instagrammable places in London.

This stop was not planned and just happened. We were on our way from Hamburg to Cairo where out vacation really supposed to start. Our plane left at around 6 AM in Hamburg and we had a layover in Milan. Our flight to Cairo was supposed to leave at 1:10 PM.

At the airport in Milan, we asked where to get our boarding passes and the Lady told us that our flight has been delayed and would leave now at 11:50 PM. Meanwhile, it was barely 9 AM in the morning. So you tell me that I have to wait more than 12 hours at the airport for my next flight? 

Long story short the airline didn't want to give us anything neither did the third party we booked it over. So we decided to get train tickets and drive to Milan. The airport MXP is about an hour drive by train away from the city center. 


This is our second time around so we were familiar with what you can do in Milan. By the time we made it to downtown we were pretty hungry. The last time we visited Milan was about 2 years ago so our mission was it to find this delicious restaurant we ate at two years ago.

On our way to find the restaurant, we stopped at Milan's top tourist attractions. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is not only great for taking pics for your Instagram but also is the place to shop for designer bags and clothing. 


I mentioned before we had a general idea of where the restaurant was. So we walked around, trying to walk up and walk down different streets and then we found it. *Hallelujah* We were super lucky. Both of us thought we will never find this place

italian pasta

milan in a day

milan sightseeing

pizza in milan

We got this cute table outside and we ordered pizza, pasta, appetizer and of course tiramisu for dessert. I also couldn't turn down an Italian wine. After our stomachs, almost exploded we decided to go on top of the cathedral Duomo di Milano.

Duomo milan

Milan on top

Milan on top


On top of Duomo di Milano

On top of Duomo di Milano

On top of Duomo di Milano

Last time we went inside the cathedral so we thought this time we have to go on top. The view from on top is incredible. The day we visited Milan the sky was blue so you could view the entire city from one top. 

Keep in mind if you want to visit the cathedral inside you have to make sure you're wearing an outfit that covers your shoulders and knees. 

girl in front of il duomo

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II


what to see in milan

Our next stop was, of course, a  gelato place. You can not come to Italy and not eat gelato. That’s just not right. After that, we just strolled around, relaxed at a park, took some pictures at the Arco della Pace and enjoyed our day. Long gone are the feeling of frustration...


Arco della Pace

Castello Sforzesco

We also stopped at H&M to get me a pair of sunnies because I forgot mine at home. We also ended up buying binoculars for the upcoming Safari trip (spoiler alter).

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele milan

rose ice cream

rose ice cream


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

rose ice cream

el dumo

Before we headed back to the airport we had to stop at the same gelato place we indulge at two years ago. Amorino (that's the name) makes probably the best gelato in town. If you get your gelato in a cone it looks like a beautiful rose. We both got the flavors mango and raspberry.

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