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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
gucci pink scarf

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday! I can't believe it but on Friday we are flying to London! Luggage is packed and we are to board. I don't like packing and typically we wait until the day before or the day of our departure. Not going to lie to you but this always is extremely stressful and annoying. I am already on the edge because I am not the biggest fan of traveling by air. I am not scared of flying but I believe we weren't made for being in the air. Plus, I once missed my flight and I a couple of times before our names were called because it was 5 minutes before the gate closed. This is not because we leave to late or don't go to the gate but most of the time our flight gets delayed and next thing you know we are trying to rush to get our connection.

This time around we are smarter - sort of. Instead of flying straight to my hometown Hamburg we are staying a few days in London. This way we get a direct flight from LAX to Europe without the hassle of a connection flight. Also if you follow along on my Insta Story you know that our favorite cupcake place in LA is at the airport. Every time we travel we stop at the cupcake place to buy at least 4 cupcakes. After 10 PM they are 50% off unfortunately this time we won't be leaving that late.

Before we left we pre-produced tons of content because I won't be able to edit and write a lot while we are traveling. One of the outfits we were shooting was this one. It's a simple outfit but I love these type of looks for summer. High waisted shorts and a crop top. I am obsessed with my new Nike Air Force in metallic green. When the sun hits the shoes they look so shiny! I also love wearing scarfs they look stylish and when they're big enough they can also function as an overthrow. At the end of the day, I actually used it as an overthrow because in the shade it was kind of chilly.  

What I am trying to say you don't need a whole lot of colors or patterns to look stylish. Sometimes it's in the details. For example, I like to knot my shirts or fold the arms, just like I did here. A long necklace, a scarf and a belt (which I forgot :) already polish your outfit. 

A dash of eyeshadow and a red lip - a red lip always looks classy. Voila you are good to go!

Thanks for stopping by!


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