Where to see the Superblooms and what to wear

Monday, March 25, 2019
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Hey Fashionistas,

Disclaimer: No poppy seeds were harmed in any of my images.

About 2 weeks ago we made it to the super blooms! I am posting this now because I was sick last week. Spent every day in bed but I am slowly getting better. 

The flowers are in full bloom in Lake Elsinore. The traffic is insane so you gotta come early on the weekend or come during the week. We got super lucky with parking which is free.

You can come here to hike or to take a picture or do both. We came for both. 

The scenery is so beautiful there are orange blooms everywhere. The mountains look like one gigantic painting - sort of surreal. This is the first time we made it see the blooms. After all this rain it’s absolutely worth it. 

The mountains are covered in blooms and you can take endless pictures. Butterflies are flying around and it is just one happy place to be. 

One thing I want to point is that I have been seeing a lot of articles on the internet about people trampling on the blooms. Most of my images look like I was sitting right inside those flowers but that’s not the case. There are paths and walkways in between the blooms where you can easily sit down without damaging these flowers. I love nature and I would never destroy anything just to get a great Insta pic. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is as careful as I am and during the weekend Lake Elsinore flooded with people that the city was forced to close the park. Before you head to this magical place you want to make sure it's open. 

The outfit that I am wearing is perfect for spring. The colors scream spring and the chunky knits sweater is perfect for the cold spring breeze. 

Lately, I love wearing skirts and pair them with a cute shirt. I recently got two corduroy skirts. The fabric adds another layer of dimension. For this look, I decided to wear an off the shoulder top with flower print. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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