How to layer clothes

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

fall outfit inspiration

Hey Fashionistas,

Hello winter. You made it. As you guys know I love summer. I love the heat and warmer weather and sunshine just gives you more opportunities to do something but these are the only month that allows me to wear coats and sweaters. I am not trying to complain don’t get me wrong but I love to wear high-knee socks.

This is one of my favorite winteroutfits because it looks super stylish and easy to put together. I don’t own any over knee boots so I always opt in for over knee socks. For some reason but husband does not seem to like over knee boots on me. When you buy a pair of over knee socks you can combine it with any type of shoes you have.

I decided to combine my socks with a pair of brown boots to add dimension to my outfit. The suede boots and suede coat make my outfit look expensive - even tho it’s not (the most expensive). A faux leather skirt adds another layer of texture to this look.

Add a pair of oversized sunnies to your look and you’ll look like a celebrity!

Multiple layers and mixing different textures make your outfit look more polished. It will also look more interesting.

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