How to style a jumpsuit

Friday, October 26, 2018
how to style a jumpsuit

Hey Guys,

Is anyone celebrating Halloween? We are not celebrating Halloween but I want to go to a pumpkin patch - I’ve never been to one before. I am just thinking about the awesome pictures you can take there plus who doesn’t love pumpkin soup?

We are planning on going to a pumpkin patch this weekend. I also want to carve some pumpkins - I also never done that before either. Growing up in Germany Halloween wasn’t popular and we never celebrated it there.

We also planned on going kayaking this past weekend but we decided to move it to next weekend.

Wow, next week is already the 1st of November. I am counting down the days because we are celebrating our 5-Year Anniversary and I have something planned. I won’t be able to reveal this secret (yet) but be sure to follow along.

If you follow along for a while you know that my blog is about fashion and beauty with a dash of travel. My main goal is to inspire you to try new outfits or just to bring you joy with my posts. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes - I shop at fast-fashion retailers - but I do spend on bags and occasionally shoes. I want to show you how one “expensive” piece can elevate your entire look.

I don’t have a particular style, I wear what I feel like. There are some days I dress up and wear heels and a suite and other days I wear my kicks and a pair of yoga pants. I can’t describe my style but I love to share all my looks with you.

This jumpsuit I got a while an ago. Sometimes I buy things and I never wear them, shame on me. So I found this piece in my closet and I thought I need to share this jumpsuit with you.

There are 5-Styling rules when it comes to wearing jumpsuits:

1. The Fit
Don’t buy a jumpsuit that is too tight or too loose. Wearing a tight jumpsuit will give your outfit some serious cat women vibes. If your piece is too loose your figure will get lost.

2. Your Waist
One thing you want to highlight is your waist. Not only is it your thinnest part of your body but it also is responsible for your overall shape. Some jumpsuits are tighter on your waist, like the jumpsuit I am wearing. But you can also add a belt to define your waist.

3. Add a jacket
It depends on your jumpsuit style. If you wearing something chicer add a blazer if you are wearing something more rocky wear a leather jacket. Adding a jacket to your jumpsuit will add dimension and texture.

4. Heels
Wearing heels is essential especially when wearing a wide leg jumpsuit, like mine. You don’t want to pair flats or sandals because your outfit can look sloppy very fast.

If you are petite and don’t wear heels you can get lost in your jumpsuit.

5. Color
If you are jumpsuit beginner try solid colors like black, navy or white. These are solid colors that always work. Once you feel comfortable in a solid color you can experiment with patterns and brighter colors.

I hope these tips helped you to start wearing or buying your first jumpsuit.

Thanks for stopping by.

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