how to stay fit if you don’t like the gym

Friday, April 6, 2018
stonger hope workout set

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Friday! Today’s blog post is all about being active. I want to talk about my favorite workouts, active wear and how to stay fit if you don’t like the gym.

As you may know, I am not a GYM person. This might seem a bit weird considering the fact that everyone around me has a gym membership. Of course, I tried different gyms before and workout classes but nothing I could really commit to. The closest gym to my house is in DTLA and that is still a 20 min drive.

Instead, I work out at home. We are currently living in a house with a backyard which makes it easier to do all kind of jumping and running. We also invested in a bike, several weights and a workout machine for our arms (YES, we are fully committed to home workouts!). I also found some great apartment friendly workouts, these workouts I usually do when it’s cold or raining outside which is pretty rare here in SoCal. My husband also prefers home workouts over the gym.

My favorite workouts are Blogilates and Fitnessblender. Both are Fitness YouTubers and if you do these workouts correctly and continuously you will see results. This is a cheaper and more convenient method for gals like me. offers a variety of free full-length workout videos that can be filtered by time, intensity or body part. I usually do some sort of HIIT because it burns calories like nothing and within a short amount of time you can already see results. Of courses, everybody is different and for some people, it takes longer to lose unwanted pounds than others.

Another YouTuber that I admire is Blogilates. On her YouTube channels, she frequently posts short and fun workout videos. When you sign up for her newsletter she will send you monthly workout calendars for you yo get in shape. She also offers a variety of apartment friendly workout videos. I am currently obsessing over her bridal workout videos which made me so sore (I was sore for almost 3 whole days).

I work out 2 - 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I always watch one of the fitness bloggers workout videos that I mentioned above. On the weekends my husband and I are going hiking in the Los Angeles Forest or the San Gabriel Mountains. During the summer we hit the beach.

When I workout I also need the right attire. I recently started wearing clothes from Stronger. This Swedish bases activewear company makes the most stylish and comfortable tights and workout bras ever.

I was able to snatch the Hope Set from their latest Flower Power launch. This collection is all about bright floral patterns that fit perfectly into the season. Their workout wear is durable and high quality. The Hope Tights are high waisted which I love because everything high waisted is forgiving! The matching crop top offers medium support and is a bit longer than a regular workout bra.

I hope I could motivate you to get up and get active!

Thanks for stopping by!

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