How to style a silk shirt

Monday, February 5, 2018
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Hey Fashionistas,

Since I was in China I started to appreciate the material silk and its benefits. I always liked silk and a few month ago I bought a silk pillowcase because it is so much better for your hair and skin. In China, we visited a silk factory and they explained the process of how silk is being made. Silk comes from a silkworm and its cocoon is made out of this material.

While we were in China I bought a silk bedding for us which keeps us warm during the winter and cool during summer. I also love this material because it is hypoallergenic because it is dust free. My husband intended to cough a lot a night while we still had our old bedding and we never really realized that the feathers and dust made him cough.

I wish I would have bought more silk items when I had the chance in China. Not that is super cheap but it is “cheaper” than in the U.S.

I recently got this super cute white silk shirt from LillySilk. It’s made out of 100% Charmeuse silk and has a glossy look. It looks sophisticated and has a relaxed fit which I love! I recently started to buy shirts with a relaxed fit because they look more stylish and effortless. Plus these shirts allow you to have a bigger lunch at work without anyone noticing!   

Would I choose a white silk shirt over a regular cotton button shirt? Hell yeah! I actually don’t like the plain cotton button shirt they look so stiff and boring. A good basic silk shit will offer endless options to wear. You can buy my shirt here and use code germanblondy at checkout for 16% off the entire women collection.

I decided to go with a business chic outfit. At my workplace you can pretty much wear whatever you want - no bathing suites tho. I like to dress up and look like a businesswoman (well I am a businesswoman) so this shirt is a perfect stable for all my outfits.

Let’s be real this piece goes with everything. Jeans? Yes, tuck it for a neat look. A skirt? Absolutely, makes you even more feminine.

For the right pop of color, I put on some red lipstick and a pink clutch. No outfit is completed without a little bedazzle so I am adding my statement necklace from Marlyn Schiff, some cute jewelry on hands and arms and some sparkly high heels!

What are you waiting for? Replace your old cotton shirt with a silk one! Don’t forget to use code germanblondy at checkout for 16% off the entire women collection.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love this look, that shirt is gorgeous!

    em x

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